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Many operating systems already include a phpMyAdmin package and will automatically keep it updated, however these versions are sometimes slightly outdated and therefore may be missing the latest features. Additionally, the configuration process varies widely by package and may not adhere to the official phpMyAdmin documentation. That being said, it is usually the quickest way to an updated installation. Please contact your OS vendor for more information. Some additional information is also available in our documentation. If you just want to try phpMyAdmin in a virtual machine, you might want to check the available software appliances which provide phpMyAdmin.

If you do not find a suitable package or wish to install your own phpMyAdmin, you can download one of the following kits. Please note that phpMyAdmin requires at least PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5.

phpMyAdmin 4.4.10

Released 2015-06-22, see release notes for details.

Current version compatible with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5. Currently recommended version.

File Size MD5 checksum
phpMyAdmin-4.4.10-all-languages.7z 5.4 MiB 48ed765d7396d9d5bb499ec3509a812e
phpMyAdmin-4.4.10-all-languages.tar.bz2 7.1 MiB 719cc7701cddf4f8e973b24d9b01ccdc
phpMyAdmin-4.4.10-all-languages.tar.gz 8.9 MiB ecba2986a895794ea895074c2a1ce0bd
phpMyAdmin-4.4.10-all-languages.tar.xz 5.3 MiB 4040cf4c9e1a7c0381388b1bb15203e8 9.5 MiB f1326cf75cebbd2364317fb6885d06ae
phpMyAdmin-4.4.10-english.7z 3.8 MiB 3fda52c1c0c3210c16f606c101d03e1b
phpMyAdmin-4.4.10-english.tar.bz2 4.4 MiB 359cc9d978ea7e9d7a01611fe22067a6
phpMyAdmin-4.4.10-english.tar.gz 5.2 MiB dd660f898ab8cb1a0d8a0192d1b3daf0
phpMyAdmin-4.4.10-english.tar.xz 3.7 MiB 7da4bbb47e0a2e3852480cbea0cbc590 5.9 MiB 579454f77cc3fcfddb1354415ea9d8fc


Released 2015-06-22, see release notes for details.

Older version compatible with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5.Supported for security fixes only, until Oct 1, 2015.

File Size MD5 checksum
phpMyAdmin- 5.2 MiB c90952fb7b1fb4a54b87c41fd4bf0fbe
phpMyAdmin- 6.8 MiB 8323822cc90757cf594448d9b7720e17
phpMyAdmin- 8.5 MiB ec712b819885584dc81e8a3d01d51849
phpMyAdmin- 5.1 MiB ff270c2795d1b5bc9e86bd37e0aadd3b 9.1 MiB 4891913ecd16e93cad16ae7b7cbb76ca
phpMyAdmin- 3.6 MiB 1ddca17dd187b873fe6f1e708f133d84
phpMyAdmin- 4.2 MiB 729bbcce25f3f8d434b24a05a2157454
phpMyAdmin- 4.9 MiB d20aef2f7db23d0d97213ed69bfd91c4
phpMyAdmin- 3.5 MiB 163eeb290ab2ff85a45ea96c2d0e13dc 5.6 MiB 3445f7165bcd808dfa16767eb204a14e


Released 2015-06-22, see release notes for details.

Older version compatible with PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5. Supported for security fixes only, until Jan 1, 2017.

File Size MD5 checksum
phpMyAdmin- 4.5 MiB 492b3eada136750d72fb91a04e4686bd
phpMyAdmin- 6.0 MiB da0b01de98287083d67d7171009c839a
phpMyAdmin- 7.6 MiB 27b70d861953a8765a9e965f02a8e5c8
phpMyAdmin- 4.5 MiB 0690e8a5263776c3fbf5b47bd85253e8 7.9 MiB e1de63fd14aadcc51790ae6d5274ba11
phpMyAdmin- 3.0 MiB 69665eb6b047ad4970db7a1db9c3864f
phpMyAdmin- 3.6 MiB 997613e4100e92f4455cf07855d171b4
phpMyAdmin- 4.1 MiB cf1fea5cbeb918fec74d7c137310859a
phpMyAdmin- 3.0 MiB 27c02ac7dbc1c4a9301856c66aa687ae 4.5 MiB 1479eb436a7d559117826e21e109b8d6

Development Versions

Git repositories are located at git:// and you can browse them online using github.

You can also download current snapshots from GitHub (Download ZIP button in right column).

More information about using Git is available on development page.

Older Releases

You can find older releases on SourceForge files page. You can also get them from our Git repository (check developer information for instructions). Older releases are unsupported.

Installing phpMyAdmin

The full process of installing phpMyAdmin is described in our manual. You can find there also information how to install phpMyAdmin on your Linux distribution.


Software appliances are becoming a popular way of distributing software. They are distributed as an image, which can be directly used by system (be it ISO image for bootable CD or virtual disks for some type of virtualization).

There are quite many appliances which provide phpMyAdmin as a management tool for MySQL. It usually comes as part of LAMP stack but there might be other offerings as well. Please check your favorite appliance provider, ISV or app store for it. Some of the appliances are listed on Wikipedia.